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Cyber Safety @ WRPS

All WRPS children know how to be safe, respectful online learners. 

Children are made aware of the need to stay safe online by following the examples given by staff and by followig the school online policies. We have open discussions in class to raise student awareness of the growing issues of CyberBullying and the need for Privacy online.


Please download this CYBERSMART GUIDE FOR FAMILIES to help you discuss these issues at home so we can all be CyberSmart @ WRPS.

Want more online support for you and your child?

Great news for mum and dad is that they can download a Cybersafety Help Button on your home

computer to give you and your child instant help about any issues when you are online.



Has your child experienced or participated in CyberBullying at school or at home. Did you know the WRPS anti-bullying policy does not stop when the bell rings? This is important as people who use technology to harass and bully others can anonymously subject their victims to bullying 24 hours per day to a wide audience. It is important to be aware of your child's online interactions as this is the best way to combat bulllying taking place.  WRPS staff is here to assist you and your child if they are bullying or being bullied so please contact the school if you require advice, information or support.


If you want to learn more please explore these great websites: