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School History

West Ryde Public School is situated in the hunting grounds of the Aboriginal tribe, the Wallumedegel, whose territory was known as Wallumetta.

In 1798, Governor Hunter granted land to William Balmain, the Assistant Surgeon General of the First Fleet. The school site is located between his two grants "Henderson Hill" and "Meadow Bank." Later landowners included John Bennett and Major Edward Darvall.

The suburb of West Ryde began to emerge with the coming of the railway in 1868, and then subdivision of the Bennett's Meadow Bank Estate about 1884. The first official request for a school was lodged with the Department of Education in 1907.

After many requests and applications a Public School was opened at West Ryde on the 26 February 1917. Originally the school was called "Meadowbank" and it wasn't until 1930 that the name was changed to West Ryde Public School. In 1935 approval was given to construct a separate infants Department. Today, despite several major fires, both the original 1917 building and the 1935 building accommodate the children who attend the school.

Block A, 1917

School students, 1920

The opening of the assembly hall in 1963 was a magnificent achievement and is a permanent reminder of the strong support the parents gave to the school.

In 2020, extension and upgrade to school facilities were completed. Today, Year 3-6 classes learn in these open and collaborative teaching spaces.

Today West Ryde is a modern, well resourced school that balances an academic focus with an emphasis onpromoting the appreciation of, and respect for a variety of cultures. 

There is considerable parent involvement in the school and all student activities are well attended.

The community places a high value on education and parents are committed to supporting their children's learning.

A mixture of early career and experienced staff who work well as a team is a feature of the school.

Students at West Ryde are exceptionally co-operative and harmonious student interaction is a significant attribute of the school culture.

Many of our students have reached the highest standards in their studies and on the sporting fields. We are proud of the past and the values and traditions it has given and we look forward to the future with confidence and optimism.