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PBL - Behaviour Management

Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) is a program run at West Ryde Public school that strives to provide a quality education in a safe and respectful learning environment. It is a positive tool that enables staff to encourage students to become safe and respectful life-long learners.

Positive Behaviour for Learning is designed to facilitate children to achieve to the best of their ability, both socially and academically using a broad range of strategies to encourage positive behaviour, whilst preventing problem behaviour.


Behaviour Expectations at West Ryde Public School

Being a safe and respectful learner requires students to:

- walk during transition times

- walk on the asphalt

-  behave appropriately in the classroom

- use the toilet facilities appropriately

- use classroom equipment appropriately

- wear hats and being sun safe

- know where to play

- know how to act in the event of an emergency

- listen to instructions from staff

- move quickly when they hear a bell

- listen to other students

- play fairly and include others

- always achieve to the best of their ability both inside the classroom and on the playground

- leave nothing unattempted

PBL poster

West Roo - Our PBL Mascot